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The Eurotrucks are usually used for international transportation of cargos of any volume and size. This is a fast and multipurpose type of transport, that allows to make delivery cost effective. Cargo transportation by eurotrucks is an optimal option for delivering large consignments for long distances.

Characteristics and types of trailers for eurotrucks

Trucks are large, long lorries consisting of a tractor unit with a semitrailer. A name eurotrucks reports the vehicle construction meeting the European standards of freight transport. There are a few types of semitrailers of eurotrucks: tilt, furniture and isothermal.

The tilt semitrailer

The tilt semitrailer is the most requested means of transportation. Its special feature is a removable tent from one or both sides. Its metallic carcass can also be removed fast if necessary, which can provide an unobstructed lateral loading or loading of goods by crane from above. This allows to provide shipping of goods of a bigger size.

The criteria of tilt semitrailers





Carrying capacity

13,6 m

2,45 m

2,7 m

from 82 to 120 cubic meters

20-24 t.

Depending on the volume of semitrailer, 30-33 europallets installed in two parallel rows can be loaded into tilt trailers.

After the end of the process the tarpaulin cover is placed back and protects the goods from bad weather, damage and plunder. Such model of trucks is able for containers delivery.

The cargo transportation by different eurotruck types

If the transported cargo needs solid protection from external influence, the furniture semitrailer with hard walls is used. The fragile cargo, expensive household appliances and furniture are transported in such vehicles. A rigid van does not have the versatility of a Eurotruck and is less commonly used.

Among the verity of food products and some specific goods there are items that need maintenance of a certain temperature regime to maintain a proper condition. For such purposes the isothermal trailer is used, its heat insulating coating creates necessary conditions without a refrigeration unit. If it is necessary to transport perishable goods for long distances, they use refrigerators with cooling chambers of constant temperature. Special setups give an opportunity to regulate the level of cold inside and are able to generate up to -20 degrees.

The peculiarities of the cargo securing in a truck

The ways of cargo securing in a truck depend on the size and type of goods. Distributing the weight of the cargo in the trailer they consider axle pressure, moving cargo requires anti-slip mats and stacking pallets in the front part, so that cargos do not slip when braking. The cargo securing in the truck is carried out with special tensioning mechanisms belts.


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