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The trucks are used to deliver all types of goods to inside the county destinations as well as to the international ones. The numerous ways of their classification allow to highlight the main characteristics of the vehicles, thanks to which the best option for a safe international automobile transportation is selected.

The main types of trucks

According to the  basic criteria specifying the construction features and vehicle purpose, there are three groups of trucks:

—   General purpose vehicles.

—   Specially equipped vehicles such as refrigerators, tractor units, connected by dragbar with semitrailers, dump trucks, container ships, etc.

—  Automobile tanks.

Regarding their composition the vehicles can be:


    -auto train with a trailer or a semi-trailer.

The types of trailers for trucks

The trailers are referred to vehicles but they are not equipped with an engine. They are used as a part of auto trains. According to the purpose, they are defined as: isothermal, tipper, onboard, tilt vehicles, etc.

The types of truck vans

The vans are vehicles with the closed body made of metal or tarpaulin. The cargo in such vehicle is protected from precipitation and dust, which allows to transport a big variety of goods. The vans can be: tilt, isothermal, refrigerated, «Butterfly» — a special construction of the carcass with the rising side parts allows organizing of unloading in limited space conditions.

The types of semitrailers for trucks

The semitrailers are a subtype of trailers, they lean on the tractor and are connected with it by the fifth-wheel coupling. In case of the tractor breakdown they allow to quickly change the truck and not to carry out reloading. They have high carrying capacity and the ability to transport long loads. By design they are divided into flatbed, dumpers, platforms, tilt, refrigerated vehicles and specialized models.

The types of truck bodies


Carrying capacity: up to 25 tons

Volume: up to 90 cubic meters

Dimensions: 13,6х2,45х2,6m


Carrying capacity: up to 22 tons

Volume: up to 90 cubic meters

Dimensions: 13,6х2,45х2,6m


Carrying capacity: up to 25 tons

Volume: up to 90 cubic meters

Dimensions: 13,6х2,45х2,6m


Carrying capacity: ut to 20 tons

Volume: up to 125 cubic meters

Dimensions: 13,8х2,45х3m


Carrying capacity: up to 25 tons

Volume: up to 120 cubic meters

Dimensions: 8х2,45х3m (two)


Carrying capacity: up to 10 tons

Volume: up to 40 cubic meters

Dimensions: 6,2х2,45х2,4m

Oversized platform

Carrying capacity: up to 40 tons

Container ship

Carrying capacity: up to 25 tons

Tank truck

Volume: up to 40 cubic meters

The Classification of trucks according to the carcass type includes the following types:

   The tilt semi-trailer (eurotilt, eurotruck) is a common type of a carcass used for the majority of transportations. It has special struts and a tarpaulin cover with lacing. Such  construction protects the cargo from weather conditions and provides security of transportation. With a fully removable cover, you can perform a side and a top loading. Such type of carcass is frequently used for transportation from Europe, CIS countries and some Asian countries.

   The auto coupler is a vehicle connected with a trailer. This type allows to transport significant volume of cargo up to 120 m3 and to perform its loading/unloading in a short period of time. The disadvantage of it is that it is not suitable for long cargoes.

   The refrigerator is a metal van protected by heat-insulation and equipped with the climatic equipment. The refrigerator compartment maintains constant temperature within the specified limits from + 25º to -25º C. Its function is transportation of perishable cargoes or cargoes that demand special conditions. Depending on the range of temperatures 6 classes of refrigerators have been distinguished.

    The isothermal carcass is a full metal construction that preserves the temperature due to the thermal insulation materials. The conditions inside the van are advantageous for temperature sensitive products.

    «Jumbo» is a semitrailer semi-trailer of increased capacity, having a special “Г” -shaped floor and the  wheel size. These peculiarities allow to allocate additional space for the cargo.

   The container ship is a trailer with a platform on which containers, having unified dimensions, are installed. This type of a trailer is irreplaceable for multimodal transportation, for instance, when performing the delivery of goods from China in containers through European ports.

   The tank trucks are used for transportation of bulk cargoes. They are made of steel or aluminum, the latter material has better corrosion resistance and does not require special coating. The tanks come with one or more sections, can be equipped with the pumps or a steam chamber for the cargo heating.

   The dump truck is an open flatbed that has a hydraulic device which allows to automatically unload bulk cargo. Its board is hinged and opens when tilted.

   The open platform is intended to be used in transportation of cargo not affected by weather conditions. The absence of restrictions allows to use it for oversize cargoes.

   The side carcass is a platform limited by sides and used for cargoes, that is insensitive to environmental conditions.

   The platform for oversize and heavy load cargoes up to 200 t. Low loader trailers transport cars and other equipment.

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