Shipping by air

Shipping by air is the fastest, the most convenient and sometimes the only way to ship the cargo.

Shipping by air can perfectly fit into the combined shipping system, which includes other types of transport – auto trucks, railway, maritime, also including the multimodal transportation system, which provide cargo delivery to intercontinental destinations or to remote consignees, when the usage of one type of transport is either economically unjustified or just impossible.

Anyway, our specialists carefully calculate all the logistics options, so that the main part (shipping by car) would be as efficient and profitable as possible for the consignor.

We possess a very experienced team of specialists, who can help you to calculate the most cost-effective fare for air-shipment, in the company “Intervid”. We deal with all the issues, including customs clearance. Just call us now and we will clarify all the issues for you.

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