Multimodal shipping

Organization of multimodal shipping includes the transportation of one cargo by different means of transport. These transportations are necessary, when international shipment is to be performed for long distances. The means of transport used may be mixed in all kinds of combinations: such as the vehicle, railway, maritime and shipping by air ones.

The organizer (the freight forwarding company providing the given service) of multimodal shipping coordinates the main actions.

When choosing the most efficient way of shipment of your cargo, the company “Intervid” minimizes your transport costs.

How is the multimodal container shipment run?

First of all the cargo is delivered by the required means of transport (trawl, truck, container truck, refrigerator) to the maritime harbor or the airport, after this the cargo is shipped by the other type of transport, and at the port of arrival (harbor or airport) further transporting by the third means of transport to the final destination takes place.

When planning a multimodal shipping, a large number of aspects are taken into account, such as the cargo type, urgency of delivery, point of departure and point of delivery, often multiple options for shipment are offered with different value and types of transport, which allows you to find the best combination.

Multimodal transportations of cargo are one of the best ways to transport cargoes today. Such type of shipments allows to plan a flexible route and provides the delivery to those regions, to which ones it is impossible to deliver the goods in a common way.


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