Shipping of consolidated and small party cargoes

Transportation of the consolidated cargoes (delivery of different goods by one transport) is a common service in the logistics market. This service is appropriate, when small consignments need long distance delivery. Because this is the way for entrepreneurs to buy the goods in the required quantities and periodicity. Usually international transportations of consolidated cargoes include cargo collection from several customers and their delivery to the delivery address. Service customers are most often located in the same city or in one country.

Consolidated cargo transportations are a very popular type of delivery from China. This service is mainly used by the small and medium-sized businesses.

Transportation of such cargoes consists of several steps:

  • delivery of the goods to the warehouse and its packaging (if needed);
  • preparation of necessary documentation;
  • calculation of a cost-effective delivery;
  • sending of the goods;
  • delivery to the warehouse and delivery to the customer.

Our company cooperates with reliable partners both in China and Turkey, as well as in the EU countries and can organize all the services related to the transport of goods: consolidation of the cargo, quick delivery to the warehouses, guarantee receiving goods on time. We are also engaged in customs clearance and forwarding in the port.

The private manager nominated to every customer will consult you both on the issues you are interested in and help you to have your optimal consignments organized, and have your logistics scheme organized.

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